Back to School and The Dentist

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Is the Dentist on your back-to-school list?

They should be.

As adults, we know that oral hygiene is a big concern when it comes to our confidence, health, and livelihood.

Keeping up with our teeth and hygienic practice can have so many benefits as our children pack up and head back to school. It can lead to:

  • Better grades
  • Helps prevent gum disease and cavities
  • Improved concentration due to less mouth pain

There are already so many things to think about when getting our children ready for going back to school, so we compiled a list below to help you get ready and be prepared. Check them out:

  1. Schedule a Dental Checkup at Least Once a Year

A cleaning twice a year is standard for both children and adults but if you don’t feel it’s necessary, please consider at least once a year, per child. It’s important to remove any built-up plaque in order to keep them from having gum issues or tooth decay. Getting fillings is not the most comfortable procedure so keeping them cleared off and fresh helps the child feel comfortable and helps with the maintenance process.

  1. Teach Your Child to Brush, Floss and Rinse

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Monkey See Monkey Do?” This is a great way to teach your children. If you do it and they see this selfcare taking place, when you send them to do it, it will hold that much more value for them. Children learn from what you do, not just what you say. Teach them to do these steps to care for their teeth and then follow it up with showing yourself taking those same steps. This will greatly benefit yourself and the children you are training.

  1. Limit Candy and Sweets

We all learn at some point, that sugar and teeth don’t mesh. The more sugar intake, the more issues you could have with your teeth. Sugar is a big part of teeth decay. As a result, that is all we need to say about this topic. Every child loves candy, as well as many adults, but the more you limit the better chance at keeping your teeth for the long haul.

  1. Regularly Check Your Child’s Teeth

Even though children need to learn to do self-care and care for their own teeth, they still need someone to keep an eye on their hygiene until they become skilled and understand the principle behind cleanliness. The difference between brushing teeth in a straight pattern and brushing our teeth in circles could make a difference or washing the hands in a manner that kills germs or cleans the hands could be impactful in their lives. Children need to be discipled and reach a certain level of understanding before you stop checking on them and their cleanliness and habits.

  1. Consider Fluoride Treatments and Sealants

Dentists should always offer fluoride treatments after every cleaning and sealants based on age and timing. This helps to protect the teeth from decay and helps prolong the potential need for fillings and caps on their little teeth. The whole point is to keep them from having teeth decay before they get their adult teeth.

  1. Know How to Handle Dental Emergencies

Knowing how to handle dental emergencies can help save time in the future or save teeth. It’s important to know how to handle different scenarios for your children as you don’t want to prolong suffering or have accidents that could cost you more than you bargained for. It’s always good to build your knowledge in this area and be prepared for anything as kids do not just sit still. They love to explore and have adventures.

If you have any questions about any of these things that we discussed in this blog, feel free to reach out and connect with our office at (913) 299-3999 or through our website at


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