Cosmetic Dentistry – It Can Help Your Career.

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Contouring and reshaping teeth can make a major impact on your oral image, your smile, your confidence.

If you are asking how that is significant to your everyday life, let me share a story with you that just might answer that question.

Starting from elementary school, we already began to think about finishing our schooling and what we want to become in life. From this impressionable young age, all our teachers and parents try to prepare us for College and then for a life in the world so that are equipped with what it takes to make it.

We finish high school and hurry off to College, thinking about life, about what we want to become and what we wish to accomplish in life. We scrape our pennies together sometimes just to get by, eat Ramen noodles and save to be able to pay for College life and the accumulated debts associated with it.

Most of us end us working part time, work hard to get our assignments done and turned in by the deadline. With the time we have left, we scurry to hang out with friends, or loved ones, every spare minute. Then, it is back to repeating the process until we finally reach that walk down the aisle to receive our bachelor’s degree or certification for the completion of our desired program(s).

All throughout our childhood, teenage years and into adulthood, we look in the mirror and see things that we do not like or would like to change. There might have been things about our teeth we didn’t like or our nose or complexion, but we always remind ourselves that we don’t the time or resources to make it happen. We hold our breath, brush aside the thought in our minds, and throw on a bunch of makeup or a ball cap and head out the door. We never once had the thoughts in our minds that we could just go check it out and get a quote on what it would cost to make these changes that we want to make to the aesthetics of our teeth. We may go so far as to ask our parents, only for them to encourage us about how beautiful we look, and we just keep going feeling dissatisfied but put it on the back burner again.

Our biggest problem, we find out later is that we do not see it as a goal but rather an unattainable dream that is out of our reach and just might show up somewhere in our future.

After we finish our allotted four years of College, it is time to put all that education to good use and head out to look for that job that we were promised back in high school. I can just hear my mom, “Johnny, if you study hard and get good grades and finish strong, you will be able to get that job that will support you and your family for the rest of your life.” It is true and still ringing in my ears but there just might be something else that is important along with that. If you have not guessed it by now, don’t worry, you will.

We absolutely should believe in education as it is a great thing, but as a result we always put on the back burner things that would bring us more confidence, self-care,  help build our self-esteem and increase the positivity of the way we present ourselves.

Still, we are excited and keep our focus moving forward as we know our education in going to pay off and we are going to get started in the work force. We will be praised for this accomplishment and we will meet the standard that we have set for ourselves.

In the meantime, we meet a partner and fall in love. This is life. We are now at the point where we have finished school, found a job in our profession, and have moved into paying monthly College bills. We start saving for our wedding, a new car, and a future new home together. We have so many plans and we are excited about life and the future!

Post marriage comes children and we move into a whole different level of financial responsibility and dependency on our jobs and our career to make ends meet.

Wait, but we forgot one thing…

During our life, we may have never stopped to think about how simple changes to our teeth can change us and help catapult us into future success! It is never too late. It is time to take the time. Let us help!






All these things listed above can be changed using Cosmetic Dentistry.

Here are some services that we might recommend to those looking for small to medium sized changes:







Or there are Implant Dental Services, as needed:




If you want to come in to Jobe Dental and receive a FREE exam and quote on making your dream smile a reality, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 913-299-3999, or reach out through website at We look forward to hearing from you!

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