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Dr. Jobe realized that she was meant to be a dentist while she was very young. While growing up in Chihuahua, Mexico, she watched her mother build her dental practice from the ground up. She witnessed how her mother initially struggled to establish her practice, but soon became one of the premier dentists in Chihuahua.

Dr. Jobe saw the value of excellent work and she felt extremely proud whenever she saw her mother’s patients leave the clinic with confident smiles. This was a driving force for her to pursue the same field. When she finished school at 17 at the top of her class, she made the tough decision to move to the United States to pursue dentistry. She found herself falling in love with dentistry even more as she studied it.

Unfortunately, both her parents died within a year of each other while she was in dental school. That year, Dr. Jobe faced more difficulties as she took her father’s cattle from Mexico to the U.S., and became guardians of her two teenage siblings. Yet she continued to persevere as her mother’s words “si se puede!” (You can do it!) continued to resonate through her. She persevered and graduated with numerous honors, once again concluding this chapter of her life at the top of her class.

She credits becoming a dentist as one of the best decisions she has made in her life. She also feels a connection with her mother as she treats each patient with extensive care. She continues showering her patients with care and treats them like family. It is her mission to give her patients the smile of their dreams and to help them feel more confident and readier to take on the world.

Meet The Team

  • Anna Jobe
    Anna Jobe DDS
  • Brianna Hargis
    Brianna Hargis RDH
  • Kady Martin
    Kady Martin RDH
  • Sara Kristel Vega
    Sara Kristel Vega Dental Assistant
  • Allison Barr
    Allison Barr Dental Assistant
  • Chris Gregory
    Chris Gregory Dental Assistant
  • Mary Hallagin
    Mary Hallagin Insurance Coordinator
  • Paola Zapata
    Paola Zapata Schedule Coordinator
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