The Dental Plandemic

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FEAR can be an enemy, especially when it comes to visiting a Dental Office.

For some, adding in the ‘Pandemic’ has created even bigger fears, fears that have caused them to halt in their dental hygiene, regular cleanings, emergency procedures (that can be avoided) and last but not least beautifying themselves through cosmetic procedures.

Unbeknownst to some, the show MUST go on!

As an industry, we know that it is already scary for some to come in for their regular cleanings and checkups or to have uncomfortable procedures done. This has already caused normal stress for some of you and then adding the COVID-19 into that picture, has created even more fear and nervousness when thinking about coming for a dental office visit.

What is your worst fear when visiting the Dentist?

Now, add a Pandemic and ask yourself the same question.

What is the first thing that comes to mind?

We want to assure you that we are doing everything we can, at Jobe Dental, to keep you safe and keep our staff safe, while still continuing to function as normally as possible and meet the daily needs of our patients.

The Dental industry is far too important to stop but we have had to make a shift, to keep everyone involved safe and allow you to keep coming in our doors and receiving treatments.

We know that you need to maintain a healthy smile and good oral health to keep living your best life!

Let us share with you some of the steps that we have implemented to keep you safe and give you peace of mind, during this time. Here is the PLAN during the pandemic:

  1. Everything is set up virtually, over the phone, or via our website.
  2. You will be given instructions of what to expect and what we do upon your arrival
  3. When you arrive, you will be asked to stay in your car and check-In online or call directly into our office to let us know you are out front.
  4. When we have everything ready for you, we will send one of our staff out to check your temperature and guide you (masked up) into our office and back to you chair to receive service.
  5. All our staff, your dental assistant, hygienist, and your Dentist will be wearing their masks and gloves. The staff that will come closest to you and your mouth, will have added, extra protection, such as a face shield and eye goggles. (This ensures extra protection for them but also, it’s harder for them to spread any droplets).
  6. Extra cleaning measures are taken to ensure your safety when entering and leaving our office. Everything is sanitized properly, and we ensure that it is all fresh and ready to go for each client.
  7. You go on your way, happy, clean, and ready to smile once your mask is removed outside our dental office.

We are all in this together and thus we desire to keep everyone as safe and comfortable as possible.

If you ever have any fears, questions, uncertainty…feel free our dental office a call directly at 913-299-3999, or fill out the form on our website at

We are always happy to help!

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